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Not all porta potties are created equal.

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Anyone who puts in a hard week’s work on an oil & gas rig or construction site will tell you that when nature calls, having a clean and sanitary space to do your business can really keep your day moving in the right direction. 

Which is why DAKOTA DUMPER is the leading provider of portable toilet services in the Bakken Shale region of North Dakota, Eastern Montana and the Black Hills region of South Dakota. We’re locally owned and operated, so we know how important convenient, reliable service is to providing your workers a clean, sanitary launch pad. 

With offices in Dickinson, Watford City, Williston, Baker, Deadwood and Spearfish, we’re the only local porta potty solution that can be there at the drop of a bib. Whether you need a short-term porta potty rental or long, a single unit or enough to cover a world-championship chili cook-off, we’ve got the waste solution and resources to keep you on-budget and on-time, no matter the industry or event. 


Everyone has different needs for their waste disposal. It’s our job to fulfill them with customized service solutions that accommodate even the most specialized of projects. Our team is committed to making sure you’re only spending money on services you actually need.

Free standing units

Your classic porta potty. Lime green, single stall, one throne to rule them all. Whether they’re stand-alone, combined with other equipment, or lined up like soldiers at a special event, when you need a portable toilet and you need it quick, our bright DAKOTA DUMPER potties are easy to locate. 

Hand washing stations

Hand washing stations are an indispensable solution to maintaining overall hygiene on job sites and special events alike. Our dual hand wash sinks also include an attached hand sanitizer dispenser as well as a paper towel dispenser, so no one ever has to worry about where that hand’s been. 

Trailer mounted units

A porta potty on wheels, these units offer the same specs as our classic free standing dumpers, but are mounted on a trailer so they can be easily relocated, giving you more flexibility on your next project. Just remember to check for occupants before you hitch it up. 


The Enhanced Access Unit (EAU/ADA) provides convenient access for persons who prefer a larger portable restroom or patrons in wheelchairs who require additional room. 
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