How to Rent Portable Toilets for Oil Fields

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With ever-changing work sites, remote locations, and rocky landscapes, oil fields have more diverse equipment requirements than other industries. Portable bathrooms are important pieces of equipment in the field and can vary greatly in features and quality. Dakota Dumper wants to share some guidelines for renting portable toilets that will meet the demands of your field.


Standard portable bathrooms are moved by the rental provider, while trailer mounted units can be easily transported by anyone with a trailer hitch. This makes them the most convenient and cost-effective option for mobile work sites. Look for sturdy, roadworthy trailers that stand up to the rocky terrain and frequent towing.


Oil field workers in North Dakota work long hours in harsh weather conditions, so they need bathrooms that are sturdy and comfortable to access with bulky winter gear. Harsh climates and UV rays can damage some portable bathrooms. Porta potties made with heavy-duty materials and large door openings are crucial.


Most people don’t think about the importance of customer service until they need it. In the oil fields, it can take a while for equipment providers to get to your site, and many portable bathroom rental services can’t be reached after traditional business hours. The right service providers are going to be available to you when you work and reach you quickly when you need them.

Dakota Dumper is the leading provider to all the major oil producers in the Bakken shale region, offering durable facilities, the largest doors in the industry, and bathrooms that move with you. If you need portable toilet rental in Dickinson, ND, Dakota Dumper has a local office to serve you quickly and efficiently. With four locations, it’s the largest regional service area in the Bakken. Call for a quote on portable toilet services in Dickinson, Watford City, Williston, and Baker. We’ve got the Bakken!

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